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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beautiful and Tranquil Photographs for You and Me

It's been a while I didn't active on my "baby" blog. I was away for holidays and busy with my marketing tasks. The gift that I received thus far for the New Year is I'm alive from a car accident. It happened last night, the right side of my car was damaged severely by the speeding car. I was so lucky that the huge impact neither cause my car window to break nor impacted on me orelse I wouldn't be here. Therefore,  in order to cheer and celebrate my so-called "relive", I've selected a few photographs that are peaceful, beautiful and tranquil for you and me.

Fallen Maple Leaf
Photograph by Raul Touzon

Lavender Fields
Photograph by Gerd Ludwig

Castor Bean Leaf Close-up
Photograph by Jozsef Szentpeteri

Autumn Landscape
Photograph by Olegas Kurasovas

Thunder Lake, Minnesota
Photograph by Jack Dykinga

Great White Egrets
Photograph by Michael Nichols

Frog of Lily Pad
Photograph by James P. Blair

Snowy Twilight
Photograph by Sisse Brimberg

Boatman, Philippines
Photograph by Gerardo Sabado

Dead Sea 
Photograph by Paolo Pellegrin

Puffin, Shiant Islands
Photograph by Jim Richardson

Fishing, Celebes Sea 
Photograph by Liang Huan Chuan

Keoladeo National Park, India
Photograph by James P. Blair

Porcupine Mountains Waterfall, Michigan
Photograph by Gowtham

Swans in Flight, Washington 
Photograph by Mike McElroy 

Aurora Borealis, Manitoba, Canada
Photograph by Kurt Baumgartner

Notes: Nobody was injured in this horrific accident. My car has admitted into "hospital", it will be under knife by "surgeons". The estimated hospitalization fee of my car is.......  {Dear}

Everyone: Life is the most precious thing on Earth, others are only supplements, you can take back what you've lost except life.
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  1. Congratulations on your new life! Like the native Americans maybe it's a special time to give yourself a new name to celebrate the next chapter of your life.

    Beautiful photo choices!

  2. Thanks Denny... A new name... I never thought of that.. This might be a good suggestion but it's hard for us to change our name in my country. Have a great day! :)

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