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Friday, November 26, 2010

Travel guide to Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido {北海道} is one of my "must go" places when I travel to Japan. Hokkaido formerly known as Ezo, Yezo, Yesso or Yeso. Hokkaido is an island in the northernmost of Japan and consist of the 22% of the total land area of the country yet only 5% of the population lives here. As an island, Hokkaido is currently being the 21th largest islands in the world. It's really hard to imagine the fact of it. There are many attractions in Hokkaido, including skiing, hiking, camping, motorcycling, biking, rafting, canoeing, fishing…even bird-watching. Hence, I'm going to bookmark a few places that you shouldn't be missed when travel to Hokkaido.

Furano Lavender Farm

In Furano Lavender Farm, you'll impress with the purple carpet of lavenders on the vast land of Hokkaido. Enjoy the flowers covering hills, mountains and the sky. Its magnificent view will definitely touches your heart.

Akan National Park

Akan National Park is protected and run by the government in Hokkaido. This expansive park (905 sq km) contains volcanic peaks, large caldera lakes and thick forests. The park's attractions are its three sparkling clear mountain lakes, the eponymous Lake Akan, Lake Mashū and Lake Kussharo. The volcanoes spawned from the lakes featured an amazing natural scenic landscape weaving together forests, lakes and volcanoes.

Noboribetsu Onsen Hot Spring

Noboribetsu-onsen attracts people by its various springs with nine different qualities. The three most popular hot springs that can beautify your skin are sulfur spring, ferruginous spring and alum spring. This is really a good experience for you to see beautiful scenery, and banish the fatigue of travel in the hot spring.

 Niseko Ski/Snowboarding

If you ask skiers and snowboarders in Japan,“which ski and snowboarding slopes do you want to visit most in the country?”, then many of them will probably answer“Hokkaido's!”. The Hokkaido's slopes have the finest powder snow compared to other slopes in Japan. You will love the experience of skiing/snowboarding on the finest powder snow, plus snowboarding on the snowfield and banana-boat on the frozen lake are assures you to have great fun. And, Niseko is the most famous ski resort in Hokkaido.

Sapporo ~ Beautiful National Scenery

Every city in Hokkaido is designed in an articulate manner so that nature and the cities function harmoniously. Especially, Sapporo is the biggest city of all the cities in the Northern part of Japan after Tokyo whose population marks over 1.8 million. You will be surprised to learn its cutting-edge culture and to find many inspirations as well as plenty of nature in the heart of Sapporo city. Also, both Hakodate and Otaru, cities located in the South of Hokkaido and North of Sapporo, have a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere because of Western culture brought into the cities more than 100 years ago. Those two cities are definitely worth dropping by when you visit Hokkaido!

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